keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts #

below a collection of some keyboard shortcuts, some common and some not so common.

general #

  • ctrl a select all
  • ctrl x cut
  • ctrl c copy
  • ctrl v paste
  • ctrl shift t restore tab
  • ctrl t new tab
  • ctrl n new tab or new window
  • ctrl w close tab
  • ctrl q close application (more of a linux thing, doesnt work everywhere)
  • f5, ctrl r reload (web browser)
  • shift f5 force reload
  • ctrl f search (f3, ctrl g does the same in some browsers)
  • f12, ctrl+shift+i dev tools in browser
  • ctrl backspace delete word by word
  • ctrl arrow keys jump word by word
  • ctrl plus zoom in
  • ctrl minus zoom out
  • ctrl 0 sometimes resets zoom
  • shift delete delete entire line
  • ctrl delete delete word by word (from left to right)
  • ctrl z undo (sometimes ctrl shift y)
  • ctrl y redo
  • alt tab switch open windows
  • shift left/right arrow keys selects text

terminal #

  • ctrl u erase typed, return to pos 0 (sometimes works in textboxes in other apps, e.g. html inputs in firefox)

enter behaviour #

if enter is send: shift enter newline (ex: whatsapp web)

if enter is newline: ctrl enter is send (ex: twitter)

gimp #

  • ctrl shift a deselect all

browsers #

  • chrome new incognito ctrl shift n
  • firefox new private ctrl shift p
  • chrome print ctrl shift p
  • ctrl u view source


  • ctrl numbers switch to tab N
  • ctrl tab switch tabs


  • ctrl shift e directly open network tab in devtools

youtube #

  • j, l jump 10/15 secs backwards/forwards
  • k, space play pause
  • numbers jump to n/10 position in video
  • arrowkeys left right jump 5 secs
  • shift n next video in playlist
  • , and . step through frames

nautilus #

  • ctrl s select files based on regex