neovim #

probably applies to vim as well but idk.

improve the usability of a default no config (n)vim instantly with this oneliner:

:set number | :colorscheme desert | :set mouse=a
  • enables line numbering
  • sets an ok (default!) colorscheme
  • enables the mouse, scrolling and other things

windows #

  • ctrl s spawn window with same file
  • ctrl q close window
  • ctrl v split vertical (same as s, but vertical)

copy stuff #

  • copy word under cursor: yaw

other cmds #

  • r replace
  • O new line above
  • o new line below
  • I insert at beginning
  • A append
  • d delete
  • x del char
  • diX delete inner X
  • V select line
  • n next match
  • N previous match
  • J join lines
  • 0 cursor to start
  • $ cursor to end
  • dw delete word
  • d$ del till end of line
  • U undo all for current line
  • P paste in line above

etc #

nautilus or thunar: open file in neovim with double click #

symlink xterm to your terminal emulator, i.e. for kitty sudo ln -sf /usr/bin/kitty /usr/local/bin/xterm, because somehow somewhere xterm is the hardcoded default.

open urls #

because neovim uses netrw it can open urls: nvim "" (wgets the html to /tmp and opens it)