inoreader tricks

inoreader tricks #

inoreader is my rss/feed/content reader of choice because it’s literally the best. period.

content views #

  • IMO column view is the most effective (but it took me some time to realize that)
  • i group the items by feed, which i’d recommend if you have a lot of sources

keep a log of your star history #

  • right-click read later section, choose get rss feed
  • add that rss feed to inoreader and add a rule that auto reads that feed

filter a feed #

  • use the filter feature, not rules. from my experience filters are processed before rules

word filter a folder #

  • use a new article in folder rule

global account word filter #

  • use a new article in account rule

twitter timeline #

  • you can subscribe to your twitter timeline by adding (you have to add your twt acc in the settings)

keyboad shortcuts #

  • enable them in settings > other > power user settings

examples #

  • h show help
  • g-a goto all articles
  • g-d goto dashboard
  • g-f goto starred articles
  • v open article in new tab (foreground)
  • b open in bg
  • shift-1 show only unread articles
  • shift-2 show all articles
  • shift-a mark all as read
  • r refresh
  • f star article
  • j/k move one article down/up

custom css #

can be added in settings > other > power user settings. here’s mine:

/* hide prev/next article/refresh buttons in top bar (right) */
#sb_rp_prev_article, #sb_rp_next_article, #sb_rp_refresh {
  display: none;
/* hide ugly eye button in sidebar */ 
#subscription_options_peek_wrapper {
  display: none;

etc #

  • duplicate filters for news or technology folders are great because news publications often publish the same things and hackernews and lobsters content has overlap too
  • for newsletters: either built-in feature or