blog advice

blog advice #

make it readable #

  • please dont use white text on a black background. it’s not pretty and horrible to read
  • please dont use monospace fonts for longer sections of text that arent code/etc, especially dont use “blocky” monospace fonts
  • use sensible spacing/margins/line height. dont let text span from left to right displayedge with no margin
  • please look at your blog on a mobile phone at least once

discoverability #

  • there are webrings, aggregator sites, blog search engines, etc etc
  • have an rss feed, it should be full text

misc #

  • i dont like this terminal-inspired hugo theme. yes it looks cool, but the readability is bad. im sorry, use a different font plsss
  • please dont use medium. just dont. if you want a free hosted thing just make a tumblr, everything is better than medium