git repo hosting

git repo hosting #

github #

  • pro: gets the job done!!
  • pro: people actually find your stuff (organically) with tags, etc
  • pro: the search is good
  • con?: lowkey too many features, i dont need actions and all that stuff but does no harm so idk…
  • con: microsoft
  • con: proprietary
  • con: github copilot copyright debacle

gitlab #

  • pro: can be self hosted
  • con: doesnt work without js enabled
  • con: dont like the UX. also the sidebar feels weird to use but i guess they had to do something different than github (apart from being worse lol)
  • con: still has no rss feeds and likely will never have them

manual git hosting #

  • pro: decentralization, own your stuff, etc
  • con: seems unnecessary? i make backups anyways and github even put some of it in the arctic lol
  • con: im lazy

i like the barebones feel of cgit, but gitea looks interesting too.

do people still use bitbucket? is that still a thing?

cgit-pink looks promising but lets see…