comparison of wiki software

comparison of wiki software #

  • dokuwiki is stable, can be customized with plugins. but the syntax is weird and i’d have to learn that. + for no database
  • bookstack looks somewhat pretty but too much like material ui (i dont like material ui, especially on desktop/web). the hierarchy seems arbitrary and i dont like it.
  • wiki.js is material ui garbage
  • mediawiki is too much for my needs
  • moinmoin i dont like the look
  • tiddlywiki manages to looks worse than material ui and has a weird name? like huh??
  • xwiki is java. case closed

what i need:

  • no database, file based
  • markdown based (idc about wysiwyg editor)
  • good for a single user
  • editable on the web, maybe
  • pages can interlink easily
  • has version history

observations: most wiki software is either so old that it’s written in php or ’new’ (and plagued by material ui) that it’s nodejs :/

with php > nodejs.

also i refuse to self host nodejs software on my server.

update: this is now on netlify with hugo, despite me complaining about hugo in a blog post from some time ago. it’s just too easy: forked a theme, ripped out all the parts i didn’t need and voilĂ . a custom-built system with search and all would’ve cost too much time.